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CAT Em van fer una ‘mini-entrevista’ fa uns mesos per a una pàgina web i aquestes són una part de les respostes, lleugerament relacionades amb aquest blog; en l’original anglès i la seva versió en xinès (amb una traducció crec que bastant lliure …).

ENG I got interviewed some months ago for a website. Here are some of the answers, slightly related to this blog, with the original in English and the translation into Chinese Mandarin (I think it is not too accurate …)


ENG: (…) I really enjoy the creative part of life! And this can be expressed all the time, even when cooking! My main hobbies are related to creativity – being creative myself or enjoying others creativity. I spend my time learning about photography – my camera is my best partner!-, but also reading all kinds of books and writing or visiting art exhibitions. I acted in a short-movie, designed posters for a theater show, wrote some short stories that got published; I want to explore all my creativity in the area between the keywords ‘images, words and spaces’. (…)

(…) Reading and watching movies are my way of ‘flying away’, to explore new lives. It is just like magic: I am in a crowded subway and I begin to read … and then the story submerges me in a complete new world for 20 pages until my station! I try to read a diversity of subjects, novels, design magazines, travel-related books, and history essays. (…)

(…) I have been to dozens of countries around the world and hundreds of cities and each visit teaches me something: the amazing mix between East and West of Istanbul, the approach to modernity from its own identity of Seoul – where I lived for one year -, the power of nature shaping cities like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil or Fez in Morocco, the long-lasting charm of the historical European cities spiced-up with modern design as in Paris, Lisbon, Helsinki, Tallinn, Madrid, Amsterdam … (…)

(…) But maybe the city that never gets out of my mind is Barcelona, my hometown. It is where I grow up and studied architecture, at a time when the city was opening to the world at a fast pace, with a huge transformation in all scales that made all its citizens proud – the city opening to the sea, while transforming the industry into a service society. I guess it is probably something similar to what is happening now in many Chinese cities, such as Shanghai. So I really enjoy living in China to experience all this transformations here. (…)


(…)我非常喜欢个人生活中富有创意和新奇的部分!它在日常生活中无处不见,就算是做饭,也能生发出一种创意。可以说,我最日常的爱好就是自己创新或发掘、享受他人的创意乐趣。在业余时间,我学习如何摄影,我的照相机是伴我旅行世界的最好搭档。同时,阅读各式各样的书籍和写作、参观艺术展览馆也成为我工作之外的喜好,此外,无论是在微电影中表演,为剧场演出设计海报,还是为出版社撰写短篇故事,都和我为自己设定的关键词“印象、文字和空间”相匹配,我在其中发现自己,认识自己,这也是我对生活和工作创见的呈现. (…)

(…) 阅读和看电影是我“远走高飞”的途径,是我发觉新生活的方式。这种感觉很奇妙:在地铁熙熙攘攘的人群中,书铅页面在我手指上翻动……我沉浸在一片新世界中,大概20页的时候,我知道我已经到站了,阅读的页数和到站的时间契合的十分准确。阅读无设限,从小说到设计杂志,到旅游再到历史门类的书籍,我都涉猎过. (…)

(…) 我去过几十个国家和几百个城市,每次出走都能教会我一些东西。伊斯坦布尔东西方之间的神奇交融;建立首尔(我住了一年的地方)特色的现代化方式;来自巴西里约热内卢、摩洛哥菲斯等城市天然去雕饰、鬼斧神工的魅力;富有悠久历史文化欧洲城市巴黎、里斯本、赫尔辛基、塔林、马德里、阿姆斯特丹,它们散发着现代气息,令人陶醉,流连忘返…(…)

(…) 旅行这件事很奇异,它让你遇到许多新鲜的人和事,不像单纯通过书本或电影学习,它更加直观、形象,更有习得力和魅惑力。作为设计师,仅仅靠发过来的总体规划图或地域图片,我们并不能获得对于项目基地的真实资料和准确的前期分析,于是“项目踩点”产生了.(…)


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